Medirota by Rotamap


Help Index

Most of the help is written at the top of each help page. For more detailed discussion about various topics, please refer to the pages below:

  • FAQ - a list of frequently asked questions.
  • Setup - a guide to setting up the system.
  • Templating - how to construct templates or recurrent job plans for staff.
  • Availability - a description of what is meant by "availability", and how the "Available" and "Unavailable" activities work.
  • Leave - how to configure leave and how leave is dealt with.
  • Accounting - how session accounting works.
  • Posts - how to create posts, template activity and schedule post assignments.


More Help?

If you have read the guides above and are still having difficulties, or if you have discovered a bug, please email Rotamap at with a description of the problem. Please note your name, the name of your trust and the name of your department. It will be helpful if you include the web address of the page you are viewing when you experience the problem.