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Help for Accounting

Medirota Accounting

Accounting can be done on a sessional, PA, or hours basis. Default values for these can be set per role.

Further to this, each template can be assigned to be worth specific accounting values. When editing a template, options to assign a sessional, PA, and hours value will be present.


Reports in Medirota are split into three categories: Person, Activity and Management Reports.

Person Reports

For each person report you can select a person and a date range to report on. The Summary Report provides a summary of the number of sessions of each activity the person has worked. The numbers in brackets refer to alias sessions, where the person has worked in two activities at the same time. People Stats shows an overview for all members of staff within a specified date range.

Leave report reports on all leave taken by a person within a specified date range. See the help text for leave for more leave related information.

Activity Reports

The Activity Report shows all sessions worked for a single activity within a specified date range. Activity Stats gives an overview of all activities.

Management Reports

This category provides a report on all sessions that have been cancelled within a specified date range.

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