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Help for Availability

Medirota Availability

An introduction to what is meant by "Availability" in Medirota, and how it applies to the "Available" and "Blocked" activities.

Doing one activity at a time

A key principle of the Medirota system is that someone shouldn't be doing more than one activity at a time. This helps stop double booking errors.

If someone isn't doing a particular activity, but will normally be working somewhere for a session, they may be placed in the "Available" activity.

If someone doesn't normally work during a particular session, that session can be left blank. For instance, if Doctor Simons doesn't work on Friday mornings, just don't create a template for that the Friday AM session.

If someone isn't normally working, but you need to assign them to an activity, you first need to add them to the "Available" activity.

Default activities

For more about templating, please view the help page at

Moving a person into Available

In the main rota view, simply click on the "Available" activity session where you wish to make that person available, and then click the button with that person's name.

If the person is on leave, however, their leave will need to be cancelled through the leave system.

Concepts discussed on this page

The Available and Blocked activities allow the system to reinforce the principle of a staff member never doing more than one activity at the same time. The concepts of default activities and moving people into available are also discussed.

More Help?

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