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Posts are tools for managing working patterns that can be transferred between different members of staff. People can be assigned to a post for a set period of time, making handovers to new staff straightforward. Posts are appropriate for those positions that follow a rolling rota which continues even if the position is filled by different people for short periods. For example, a rolling rota might contain the posts "SHO 1", "SHO 2", etc., which would be passed between different individuals every few months.

Posts can also be used for registrars who follow the same templates as a particular consultant.

Creating Posts

Posts can be created in the Posts tab, using the "Add Post" button. Here you can specify the name of the post, the role of the people who will fill it, and the dates within which the post will be used on the rota.

Existing posts can be edited on the same tab by clicking on the name of the post.

Activity permissions and templates

The two links on the right of each post on the Posts tab allow you to set permissions for which activities the post can be assigned to, and to template the post to activities on a regular basis. These functions work in the same way as the "Activities" and "Templates" links for people.

If you assign a person to a post with a different set of activity permissions, the person will "inherit" the additional permissions that are specified here for the post, to allow them to cover any activity that the post is assigned to.

For general information about templating, please refer to the Templating help page. Templates can be reviewed by navigating to the Rota tab and selecting the "By Post" view.

When creating post templates for oncall activities, tick the "Priority" box. This will ensure that these activities will take priority over other activity for people who are assigned to that post.

Assignments to posts

Assignments to posts are managed from the Rota tab. Select the "By Post" view, navigate to a week that has not been set up, then click the "Assign" button below the post you would like to work on.

The popup will show all people who are assigned to the selected post from the week you are viewing on the rota onwards. When you select a person, all of their other post assignments will be displayed.

Select the dates between which you would like the person to cover the post and click "Assign". The person will then be attached to all activity the post is templated to between those two dates. If the assignment period covers setup or published weeks, the person will be allocated to the post's activity, overwriting any existing events or blocking they were previously attached to for those sessions. Please note that cancelling or editing post assignments will not affect the person's allocations in setup or published weeks.

If a week is set up with no-one assigned to the post, all of the activity it is assigned to will show demand for whatever role type the post has been set to. Please note that if a person is allocated to a post outside of their personal start and end dates (defined in the People tab), they will not appear on the rota.

Making swaps

To manage swaps, navigate to the Multiweek tab, select the activity you would like to change, the number of weeks ahead you want to view and the date to start from.

Select the session you would like to edit. If the week in question has been set up and the person's name is displayed in bold, click the "x" next to the current person's name and select their replacement from the list. If the week has not been set up and the person's name is slightly greyed-out, just select their replacement from the list.

If you would like to swap a person out of a post template on a certain date and a week has not yet been set up, you can do this by creating an "Unavailable" activity and assigning the person to this on the Multiweek view. When the week is set up, they will be removed from their templated activity. A guide to creating activities can be found in step 2 of the Setup help page.

Concepts discussed on this page

This page explains the concept of posts and describes how posts can be created, assigned to activity, and how to determine which members of staff will be assigned to that activity.

More Help?

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