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Help for Templating

Medirota Templating

An introduction to what templating is, and how it works.

Recurrent Job Plans

Templates define what a person is going to be doing in the future, before other changes are made to the rota such as people booking leave or their being moved to another activity to cover someone else to, say, cover sick leave.

Templates are very powerful because they help construct the rota for a particular week very quickly.

Because templates determine future activity, changes to templates only begin the week after the current week.

Rotating Week Basis

Many departments have work plans that aren't exactly the same each week. These departments can have work plans that are described in either 2 weekly or 4 weekly cycles.

Medirota allows templates to be constructed in repeating cycles. These are lettered from A (which will be the week after the current week) to help distinguish weeks from each other.


To edit a template, click on the edit button on the right hand side of the template in the template list.

Availability and Blocking

The "Blocked" activity means that the person is not normally usable in the rota. "Available" means that they can be used in any activity which they are configured to have access to.

Which Activities are Shown?

People can only be templated to work in the set of Activities for which they have access to. This is arranged on the "Activities" page for that person.

Similarly, the sessions when a person works can be configured when constructing a set of templates. If the sessions a person works needs to be changed, the templates should first be deleted.

Concepts discussed on this page

Templating involves recurrent job plans for people, and determines their future patterns of work. Templates can be defined on a rotating week basis and can be defined for different time sessions. The special activities "Available" and "Blocked" are also discussed.

More Help?

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